1. Preamble

2. Acceptance of the conditions of sale

3. Definitions

4. Purpose

5. Contractual documents

6. Enforceabilityof the terms and conditions of sale

7. Acces to the online sales area

8. Order

8.1 Identification and acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale

8.2 Products available

8.3 Order acceptance

8.4 Confirmation of contractual information

8.5 Right of retraction

8.6 Execution of the order

8.7 Delivery

8.8 Mode of payment

8.9 Order tracking service

9. Price

10. Clause ofretention of ownership

11. Guarantee

12. Information and freedoms

12.1 Declarations and authorizations

12.2 Treatment of personal information

12.3 Your rights regarding your personal information

12.4 Update of personal information

13. Agreement on proof

14. Respect of the integrity of the elements accessible in the online sales area

15. Intellectual property rights

16. Responsability

17. Independence of the parties

18. Law

1. Preamble

  1. The company called EASYIN EUROP SASU, whose headquarters is located at 3750, route de Galice 13090 Aix en Provence,France, registered at the Commerce and Business Registry under number KBIS 823.856.523.00013 RCS Meaux, NAF code 4531Z, operates an electronic commerce site dedicated to the sale of cycling products at URL address “

  2. Access to sale on the “” site - Any person connecting to the “” merchant site directly or indirectly through external operators as intermediaries, is responsible for the resources and IT and telecommunication costs that it uses for this purpose.

    The “” site is a merchant site whose products are intended for sale to end users.

  3. The “” site is in the NEDERLANDS language and all contractual information is in NEDERLANDS

  4. Any order placed in the online sales area of the “” site presumes that the present terms and conditions have been viewed and accepted beforehand. 

  5. The customer has the option of saving and printing the present terms and conditions of sale by using the standard functionalities of his browser or his computer.

  6. The customer declares that it has obtained all necessary information from EASYIN EUROP regarding use of the online sales area and the characteristics, both quantitative and qualitative, of the products. 

  7. The customer acknowledges that it is fully informed that its acceptance concerning the content of the present terms and conditions of sale does not require handwritten signature of this document.

  8. The customer also declares that purchase of the products has no direct connection to his professional activities, since purchase of them is exclusively intended for private and personal use and not for professional use.

  9. The customer declares to have reached the age of majority and to have full legal capacity permitting him to commit under the present terms and conditions.

2. Acceptance of the conditions of sale

  1. Your acceptance of the present terms and conditions in the form of a “positive click” constitutes proof that you have become familiar with said provisions and is deemed as irrevocable acceptance of the present document.

3. Definitions

  1. For the parties, the terms hereafter shall take the following meanings:

    - “basket / purchase order”: paperless document which indicates the characteristics of the products ordered by the customer and which must be signed by him using the technique referred to as “click positive” to commit him 

    - “click positive”: the click is the electronic formulation of “yes” or of acceptance. The click is said to be “positive” once you are given the choice to validate by a “click/check” your acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale and of your order 

    - “order number”: number provided by EASYIN EUROP in the order confirmation email of the customer.

    - “products”: the term “products” refers to those made available for sale in the online sales area of EASYIN EUROP

4. Purpose

  1. The present terms and conditions serve to define the rights and obligations of the parties within the framework of distance selling of the products offered by EASYIN EUROP in its online sales area, accessible at its “” website.

5. Contractual documents

  1. The contractual documents, by increasing order of priority, are:

    - The present terms and conditions. 

    - The purchase order.

  1. In case of contradiction, the document of higher rank shall prevail.

6. Enforceability of the terms and conditions of sale

  1. The version of the terms and conditions of sale which is enforceable against the customer is that appearing on the site at the time of validation of the order by the customer.

  1. The different versions of the terms and conditions of sale are archived by EASYIN EUROP under the following conditions: paper and electronic versions.

  1. You may access the archived terms and conditions of sale by sending a request by email to: [email protected]

  1. The documents appearing online in the online sales area of EASYIN EUROP prevail over any paper version of an earlier date.

  1. The terms and conditions of sale may be modified or eliminated at any time by EASYIN EUROP.

  1. The present terms and conditions of sale are offered in the English language.

7. Acces to the online sales area

  1. EASYIN EUROP reserves the right, without prior notification or indemnity, to temporarily close the “” website or access to one or several services, such as the online sales area.

  1. EASYIN EUROP is not responsible for losses of any kind which may result from these changes and/or from temporary unavailability or definitive closing of all or a portion of the website, or of the associated services, such as the online sales area.

  1. Any person connecting to the “” merchant site directly, or indirectly through external operators as intermediaries, is responsible for the resources and IT and telecommunication costs that it uses for this purpose.

8. Order 

8.1 Identification and acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale

  1. The customer who wishes to benefit from the present terms and conditions of sale agrees to first provide the information requested in the forms available online at the “” site.

  1. Furthermore, the customer declares that the information provided in this manner is truthful and accurate.

  2. The procedure of establishment of a contract includes the following steps:

    - Step 1: referral to the obligatory fields of the identification and information forms.

    At this stage, you may identify errors made in entering your information and correct them by “clicking” the “UM REKENING” section, and then “PERSOONLIJKE INLICHTINGEN”

               - Step 2: viewing of the terms and conditions of sale.

               - Step 3: acceptance of all the terms and conditions of sale by the “click positive” technique for validation

               - Step 4: possibility for the customer to place an order.

  1. EASYIN EUROP immediately sends electronic confirmation of receipt of your order.

  2. The customer guarantees EASYIN EUROP against any recourse or claim from a third party regarding unlawful acceptance of the present terms and conditions of sale.

8.2 Products available

  1. Prior to placing his order on the “” website, the customer may become familiar with the essential information and characteristics of the products that he would like to order.

  1. For any additional information about a product, you have the possibility of contacting EASYIN EUROP by e-mail at the address indicated on the website under the “contact” section; by telephone at the following number:; or through the Postal Service sent to EASYIN EUROP, 10 rue du Cercle des Poètes, 77144 Montevrain, France.

8.3 Order acceptance

  1. Orders placed by the customer are done by means of paperless purchase orders.

  1. Any purchase order signed by the customer by “double-click” is deemed as irrevocable acceptance, which may only be called into question in the cases specified exhaustively in the present terms and conditions in the articles “Right of retraction” and “Execution of the order”.

  1. EASYIN EUROP reserves the right to cancel or refuse the order of a customer if a dispute exists regarding payment for a previous transaction. Similarly, EASYIN EUROP reserves the possibility of refusing an order and deliveries to certain countries outside of the zone of the European Union without justification.

8.4 Confirmation of contractual information

  1. The contractual information will be confirmed in due time, and at the latest by the time of delivery, by email sent to the address indicated by the customer in his purchase order.

  1. This confirmation email will also include the following information:

               - The address of the establishment of the party responsible for the offer where the customer may present his complaints 

               - Identification of the number of the transaction/order 

               - Restatement of the payment terms

  1. It is up to the customer, under his responsibility, to retain the contractual information received from EASYIN EUROP in the manner of his choosing.

8.5 Right of retraction

  1. The customer has a period of 7 business days from the date of his order to request application of his right of retraction, using the form specified for this purpose, as well as a period of 14 business days from the day of departure of his delivery to return, at his expense, the products which do not suit him.

  1. This period starts to run from the day of departure of the delivery of the order to the customer.

  1. If this timeframe expires on a Saturday, Sunday, a legal holiday or a day not worked, it is extended until the first following business day.

  1. In order to guarantee fast and efficient processing of the return, and to obtain the satisfaction of our customers, it is preferable for EASYIN EUROP to be informed by email at the following address: [email protected]before the return of any products.

  1. The product will have to be returned to EASYIN EUROP in its original packaging, duly sealed, at the following address: EASYIN EUROP, 10 rue du Cercle des Poètes, 77144 Montevrain, France.

  1. Any product that is incomplete, harmed, damaged, showing traces of use, in condition different from the original condition, or for which the original packaging has been damaged, will not be either reimbursed or exchanged.

  1. This right of retraction is exercised without penalty, except for the expenses for return shipment, which remain the responsibility of the customer.

  1. If the right of retraction is exercised, the customer may request reimbursement of amounts paid, except for shipping costs and costs for return shipment of the products at his expense. This reimbursement may take place by a cheque made out to the customer, and shall be done as quickly as possible, and at the latest in the 30 days which follow exercising of this right.

  1. In case this right of retraction is exercised by the buyer, EASYIN EUROP reserves the right to charge the customer for all the shipping expenses, whether they were initially free or paid in part. This amount is set at 25.00 euros incl. tax per shipment, with this latter amount corresponding to the average cost of transfer of each package shipped.

8.6 Execution of the order

  1. The order shall be executed, at the latest, within the timeframe provided for informational purposes in the “LEVERINGSWIJZEN” section.

  1. We will fill your order within the limits of available stocks or subject to the stocks available at the EASYIN factory.

  1. At the time of order placement, we will inform you about the availability of the projects that you wish to purchase.

  1. Nonetheless, if, despite our efforts, products turn out to be unavailable after you have placed your order, we will inform you of this by email and invite you to cancel or modify your order.

8.7 Delivery

  1. Delivery is made at the address that you indicated at the time of order placement.

  1. You have the possibility of choosing between several delivery addresses at the time of order processing: to your home, to the home of a third party (neighbour or friend), to your place of work.

  2. You may also choose to take delivery of your order at an existing COLLISSIMO delivery location. It is your responsibility to become familiar with the existing COLISSIMO delivery locations and to provide EASYIN EUROP with the exact address for delivery.

  3. In any event, you must first obtain approval from the designated person to receive delivery. EASYIN EUROP may not be held responsible in case this person refuses to take delivery of the order. The expenses for shipping the order to a new address will, if applicable, be the exclusive responsibility of the customer.

  4. Departure from the EASYIN EUROP warehouse takes place within an average of 2 to 8 days depending on the final destination.

  5. The departure order is given by EASYIN EUROP after payment in full has been received for the order.

  6. This timeframe is provided for informational purposes and is not applicable to situations of external blockage of transport which are beyond the control of EASYIN EUROP.

  7. Any eventual surpassing of the expected timeframe may not result in damages, holdback or cancellation of the order by the buyer.

  8. In any event, and in conformity with the provisions of article L 121.20.3 of the Consumer Code, the products ordered will be delivered within a maximum of thirty days following the day that the buyer recorded his order, subject to payment in full of the price.

  9. In the absence of delivery upon expiration of this timeframe, the buyer will be able to cancel his order. Amounts paid by the buyer will then be returned immediately, to the exclusion of any other indemnification.

  10. In case of late delivery with respect to the date specified initially, the buyer will have to indicate this in writing (postal mail, email) to EASYIN EUROP [email protected] , in order to improve the quality of service provided and to permit EASYIN EUROP to investigate the matter with the transport company. Investigation with the service provider may take up to 21 days. If the product is found in the meantime, it will be immediately redirected to the domicile of the buyer or of the recipient designated in the purchase order. However, if the product ordered is not found after this period of 15 days for France and 30 days for others European countries, EASYIN EUROP will proceed with a new shipment, at its expense, of the products ordered by the buyer.

  11. In case the buyer chooses to pay by “BANKOVERSCHRIJVING”, the order will only be processed after effective receipt of this payment and, as a result, the timeframes will start to run.

  12. The risks will be the responsibility of the buyer from the time that the products ordered have left the premises of EASYIN EUROP.

  13. You must notify the transporter and EASYIN EUROP about any reserves concerning the product delivered (for example:package damaged, already opened…) within the 3 days following receipt of the product.

  14. EASYIN EUROP agrees to reimburse you or exchange the products which are obviously defective, or which do not correspond to your order. In this case, we kindly ask that you provide a detailed description of this in writing, and that you return the product(s) to us. EASYIN EUROP will proceed, at your choice, with exchange or reimbursement of the product(s). The request must be made in the fifteen business days following the delivery.Any complaint made after this deadline may not be accepted. The products must be returned to us in the condition in which you received them, with all elements delivered (accessories, packaging, notice…).

  15. The original shipping expenses will be reimbursed to you based on the price billed, and you will be reimbursed for the expenses for return.

  16. In any event, you benefit from the provisions of the legal guarantee, notably those related to the guarantee for hidden defects.

  17. The provisions of this article do not prevent you from benefiting from the right of retraction (satisfied or reimbursed) specified in article 8.4.

8.8 Mode of payment

  1. The buyer may use any of the modes of payment specified in the purchase order: BANK CARD, PAYPAL, and BANK WIRE (refer to the "" website in the “BETAALMETHODEN” section.

  2. EASYIN EUROP assures secure payment on the “” website thanks to reliance on the secure payment system of the Crédit du Nord bank, Atos Origin and FIANET. All elements of securitization and encryption put in place by FIANET, as well as the most recent versions will automatically be put in place on the site in order to ensure that the buyer will benefit from securitization, encryption and concealment of his personal information.

  3. The order is only definitive when it has been confirmed by payment of the price by the buyer, being specified that payment by bank card triggers a systematic request for debit authorization and that rejection of authorization, regardless of the cause, implies abandonment of said order by EASYIN EUROP.

  4. Under no circumstances may amounts paid be considered as non-refundable deposits or partial payments.

  5. FIA-NET: order analysis system (fraud detection)

    The information related to your order is processed in an automated manner, for which FIA-NET S.A. is responsible. This automated processing of data serves to define a level of analysis of a transaction and to fight against bank card fraud.

    FIA-NET S.A and the merchant from which you have made your purchase receive information related to your order. Failure to transmit the information related to your order prevents completion and analysis of your transaction.

    An unpaid transaction resulting from fraudulent use of a bank card will lead to the recording of the contact information associated with your order in a payment incident file utilized by FIA-NET S.A. An irregular declaration or an anomaly will also be able to be handled in a specific manner.

    In conformity with the law on Information Systems and Freedoms of 6 January 1978, you have the right, at any time, to access, rectify, and oppose all of your personal information by writing, making sure to provide proof of your identity, to FIA-NET- Service Informatique et Libertés Traitement n° 773061 et n° 1080905- 15 rue Saint-Georges, 75009 Paris.

8.9 Order tracking service

  1. EASYIN EUROP makes an order tracking service available to the buyer on the “” site, by means of web links, order numbers, communication of the information by email.

  2. Using this service, the customer may access the following operations:

    - Possibility of cancelling the order in respect of the conditions stated in the present document;

    - Activation of the right of retraction;

    - Complaint relative to eventual damage which could be related to transport of the products;

  3. The operations mentioned above will be sent by the customer to EASYIN EUROP by email form from the EASYIN EUROP online store or by postal mail to the following address: EASYIN EUROP, 10 rue du Cercle des Poètes, 77144 Montevrain, France.

  4. Eventual reimbursements will take place automatically upon return of the products ordered to the address: EASYIN EUROP, 3750 Route de Galice, 13090 Aix en Provence, France. The corresponding amounts will be sent to the customer by cheque.

  5. The customer is informed that any reimbursement for the products will be paid by EASYIN EUROP in euro.

  6. Participation in the “Site Evalué Site Premium” FIA-NET operation

    Your purchase on “” offers you the possibility of participating in the “site évalué site premium” operation organized by FIA-NET S.A. Through two satisfaction questionnaires, the purpose of which is to measure the quality of the service provided to you throughout the purchasing process, you will be able to share your personal experience with us and share it with the community of Internet users on the FIA-NET site.

    These questionnaires are may be sent to you by FIA-NET or by “” by email or via the appearance of a pop-up following your purchase.

    The information collected in these questionnaires is processed in an automated manner by FIA-NET S.A.

    Partial responses or the choice of not responding to one or both satisfaction questionnaires has no impact on the handling and processing of your order.

    FIA-NET S.A. and “” receive the personal data collected in these satisfaction questionnaires. The personal data will be used by par FIA-NET in conformity with regulations in effect and notably those which relate to the protection of personal information.

    In conformity with the law on Information Systems and Freedoms of 6 January 1978, you have the right, at any time, to access, rectify, and oppose all of your personal information by writing, making sure to provide proof of your identity, to: FIA-NET Service Informatique et Libertés Traitement n° 896150, 15 rue du Faubourg Montmartre 75009 Paris.

9. Price

  1. The prices related to ordering the products are indicated in the dedicated online sales area.

  2. The prices are expressed in Euros, in the amount including tax.

  3. These prices do not take into account the eventual delivery charges for the order in € including tax and these charges will be indicated in addition to the price including tax of the products ordered.

  4. The price takes into account the VAT applicable on the date of order placement, and any change in the applicable rate of VAT shall automatically be reflected in the prices of the products in the sales area.

  5. At the time of confirmation of the order by email, EASYIN EUROP will provide a recap of the products ordered, the total amount of the order with prices including tax + the delivery charges including tax, if applicable, in the currency: Euro / €

  6. The prices of the products do not include the expenses for communication related to use of the online selling services of EASYIN EUROP, and these expenses are the responsibility of the customer.

  7. The prices may be modified in conformity with the provisions of the Consumer Code, notably at the end of each period of validity of an offer or to correct a material error.

  8. Nonetheless, you may cancel your order if the price in effect is higher than the price which was indicated to you, by mistake, on our site at the time of your order. 

  9. In the case of an order to be sent to a country other than France, you are the importer of the product(s) in question. Customs duties, other local taxes, import duties or State taxes may be payable. These duties and amounts are not our responsibility. They will be the entire responsibility of the customer in terms of both declaration and payment to the competent authorities/organizations in the country of importation. We advise you to obtain information on these aspects from the competent authorities.

10. Clause of retention of ownership

  1. The products sold remain the property of EASYIN EUROP until payment in full of the price indicated on the purchase order.

  2. Payment of the price in full is understood by the parties as effective receipt by EASYIN EUROP of payment from the customer, including expenses and taxes.

11. Guarantee

  1.  Only the products sold by EASYIN EUROP which benefit from a manufacturer’s guarantee and which have been purchased on the “” site may be taken into account by the manufacturer’s guarantee.
  2. The duration of the guarantee is that of the manufacturer and the conditions of replacement of the product are those determined by the manufacturer. It is 5 years following the date of shipment from the EASYIN EUROP warehouse.

  3. To be able to benefit from the guarantee for the products, it is absolutely essential to keep the purchase invoice for the product.

  4. Any product return under the aforementioned guarantee must be approved beforehand by EASYIN EUROP. For this purpose, the buyer will contact the after-sales department of EASYIN EUROP by sending his request by email to the following address: [email protected]

  5. No return will be accepted without prior authorization from EASYIN EUROP. Any return must be done by remittance in exchange for a signature. Products are returned at your expense.

  6. Any product that is incomplete, harmed, damaged and/or for which the original packaging was damaged, will not be either taken back or exchanged within the framework of the guarantee.

  7. In order to better understand the procedures to be followed with the after-sales department for any problem related to a product, contact us.[email protected]

  8. In any event, the eventual guarantees do not cover: abnormal use of the products or use for which they were not intended, defects and their consequences related to use of the products in a manner for which it was not intended (professional or collective use).

  9. At any rate, the legal guarantee against flaws or hidden defects in the thing sold or service rendered shall apply.

12. Information and freedoms

  1. The information requested by EASYIN EUROP, notably through the purchase order, is necessary for processing the order and will be provided to the contractual partners of EASYIN EUROP.

  2. The customer may write to the personal information service of EASYIN EUROP to object to such communication or to exercise his rights of access and rectification for the information which concerns him, appearing in the files of EASYIN EUROP, under the conditions specified by the law of 6 January 1978.

  3. In order to update the personal information relative to the customer, he agrees to provide all information which may be requested from him by EASYIN EUROP.

12.1 Declarations and authorizations

  1. EASYIN EUROP declares that it has all legal and administrative authorisations required for operation of its service.

  2.  Furthermore, EASYIN EUROP certifies that it has completed the declarations incumbent upon it under law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relative to information systems, files and freedoms, modified on 6 August 2004. CNIL declaration no. NS-048-2014183.

  3. The references to these declarations may be viewed at the official site of the Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés accessible at the address “”.

12.2 Treatment of personal information

  1. EASYIN EUROP informs you that all personal information that it collects will undergo automated processing.

  2. Processing of this information will permit EASYIN EUROP to :

    - Satisfy its obligations towards you 

    - Inform you about special offers and any new service created by EASYIN EUROP.

  1. You also authorize EASYIN EUROP to provide your personal information to third parties, provided that such communication is compatible with carrying out the operations incumbent upon EASYIN EUROP under the present terms and conditions.

  2. However, you may object to such communication at any time by sending your request to EASYIN EUROP at the following postal address: EASYIN EUROP, PERSOONSGEGEVENS SERVICE, 3750 Route de Galice, 13090 Aix en Provence, France, or by email sent to: [email protected]

12.3 Your rights regarding your personal information

  1. In conformity with law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access, modify, rectify and remove the information which concerns you.

  2. Under these conditions, you have the right to receive information regarding the processing of information which concerns you, subject to receipt of a written request which you have signed.

  3. You must send your request to EASYIN EUROP, at the following postal address: EASYIN EUROP, PERSOONSGEGEVENS SERVICE,3750 Route de Galice, 13090 Aix en Provence, France, or by email sent to: [email protected]

  4. If the information processed is incorrect or incomplete, you may ask that it be corrected, completed or eliminated by contacting the personal information service of EASYIN EUROP.

12.4 Update of personal information

  1. In order to be able to update your personal information, you agree to provide all information requested by EASYIN EUROP.

  2. In order to receive the best possible service from EASYIN EUROP, you agree to regularly update the information which concerns you. To do so, you must send an email to: [email protected]

  3. Furthermore, you must notify EASYIN EUROP if your name, address and/or telephone number have changed, by sending an email to:[email protected]

13. Agreement on proof

  1. The “click” of the customer done to indicate acceptance of the present terms and conditions of sale, and also for the purchase order, constitutes an electronic signature which has the same force between the parties as a handwritten signature.

  2. The electronic records stored in the IT systems of EASYIN EUROP shall be conserved under reasonable conditions of security and shall be considered as proof of the communications, orders and payments having taken place between the parties.

  3. Archiving of the purchase orders and invoices is done using a reliable and durable medium which may be produced to provide proof.

14. Respect of the integrity of the elements accessible in the online sales area

  1. The customer agrees that he will not damage, unlawfully access or modify the data stored on the server of EASYIN EUROP.

15. Intellectual property rights

  1. The elements belonging to EASYIN EUROP such as the website, marks, plans and models, images, texts as well as the design of the products, or which were transferred to him, are the exclusive property of EASYIN EUROP. The photographs and photographic background elements present on the “” are the property of EASYIN EUROP under copyright and intellectual property rights for the entire world. EASYIN EUROP SASU will make every effort to protect and assert its rights, as well as those having been entrusted to it under a contract.

    All rights are reserved for the photographs used and anyone who copies or uses said photographs from the site may be subject to application of the legal action and penalties specified by the law, which EASYIN EUROP will pursue.

  1. The present terms and conditions of sale involve no transfer of any kind of intellectual property rights over elements belonging to EASYIN EUROP or to its partners (sound, photographs, images, literary texts, artistic works, software, marks, graphics guidelines, logos…) to the customer.

  1. The customer is prohibited from directly or indirectly infringing upon the property rights of EASYIN EUROP or of its partners.

16. Responsability

  1. The products offered comply with French legislation in effect and with norms applicable in France and in the EEC.

  1. The responsibility of EASYIN EUROP may not be engaged in case of non-respect of the legislation of the country where the product is delivered (for example, in case a product is prohibited…). It is your responsibility to verify, with the local authorities, the possibilities of importation or use of products or services which you intend to order.

  1. The customer must respect all information, guidelines on use, notices and instructions provided by the manufacturer and mentioned in the explanatory notices for the products purchased, and provided at the time of delivery of the product. EASYIN EUROP declines all responsibility in case of improper use or application or non-respect by the user of the normal uses indicated by the manufacturer.

  1. The photos are provided to serve as illustration. We invite you to refer to the description of each product to obtain the specific characteristics and, in case of doubt, or if you would like additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.[email protected]A modification by the manufacturer in the graphical presentation of the product may not engage the liability of EASYIN EUROP, or be a fact which affects validity of the sale.

17. Independence of the parties

  1. Neither of the parties may make a commitment in the name or on behalf of the other party.

  1. Each of the parties remains solely responsible for its actions, allegations and commitments.

18. Law

  1. The present terms and conditions of sale are governed by French law and are binding in the French language.

         2. The same is true for both the rules of substance and the rules of form.